Train Journeys: A Guide to the World’s Most Scenic Routes

Train Journeys: A Guide to the World’s Most Scenic Routes
Randal Arthur
Written by Randal Arthur

Enrapture yourself in the beauty of the world with a scenic train journey. Let your heart be taken away by stunning landscapes and unique experiences. Discover the world’s most incredible train routes and be inspired to explore.

Are you ready⁣ for one of the ⁢most⁣ breathtaking travel experiences in the‍ world? ⁣Taking a train journey is the ⁤perfect way to⁣ explore beautiful sights while⁤ feeling completely relaxed. From ​the soaring mountains of South⁤ America to the ⁣stunning coastline of ‍Croatia,​ let‌ us⁣ be your⁣ guide to ⁣some of the most⁤ memorable train ​journeys in the ⁢world. We will ‌look into the most scenic routes around​ the globe, so get ‌ready for​ an unforgettable ride!

1. ⁤Benefits ⁢of Taking a Train Journey

Exploring ‍by Train: Taking a⁣ train journey‌ has many advantages. ⁣From the ⁣comfort of the travel to the beautiful and changing scenery, there are lots of ‍reasons to choose train over ⁣other forms of travel. ⁢Here are five of ‍the⁤ many ⁣benefits of taking ⁣a relaxing,‍ scenic​ train ride.

  • You can enjoy​ the sights: ⁢Unlike other forms of ⁣transportation, when ⁢you take a train journey ‍you can really sit back‌ and take in the​ scenery. You can watch the rolling hills, fields,⁤ and forests go​ by and you can make stops and visit all⁣ the sights along the way⁣ that interest you.
  • It’s a great way to meet locals: Public transportation is often the best ‌way to connect with locals, as ⁤they⁢ use it too. Riding⁤ a train allows you to meet locals and make ⁢friends ⁤with people who share ⁤similar interests. It’s a great​ way⁣ to learn more about a‍ city or country you are visiting.
  • It can be ⁤cheaper⁤ than flying:​ While flying is often cheaper and faster, if you have the time, trains can be a much⁢ cheaper, more enjoyable option. You can find train⁢ tickets for much less​ and‍ many routes even have discounts and promotions.
  • You can relax: On a ​train you don’t have to worry about traffic, getting lost, or finding parking. The ‍ride⁤ is often ⁤much smoother ⁤than a car and the seats⁣ are often ​bigger, so it’s ‍a⁣ great option for longer ‌trips.‍ Plus, you can even bring your own ⁣snacks⁢ and drinks.
  • You​ can see multiple cities easily:⁢ On a train journey you can ⁣easily travel⁢ between cities‍ without having to worry about connecting flights⁢ or long drives. This means you⁤ can see ‍and experience more in the same amount of⁢ time.

If you’re looking for the⁤ perfect way to travel⁣ around the world, taking a scenic train journey ‌is a great option. You’ll get to experience ⁤beautiful ⁣scenery,‍ meet ​locals, ⁢save money, relax, and ⁣have the ⁣chance to see multiple ​cities in the same amount ‌of time. So ⁣what ⁢are‌ you waiting for? ⁣Get ready to explore the world on the rails.

2. Discovering Iconic‌ Landmarks and​ UNESCO Wonders

Exploring the world’s iconic landmarks and UNESCO⁤ wonders is⁣ an experience ⁤you⁤ won’t soon forget!​ There’s nothing quite like⁤ taking a long train ‌journey‌ to a place you’ve always dreamed ⁢of visiting. Take ⁢the amazing ​and memorable journey on⁤ the Trans-Siberian‍ Express, or ​hop on the world-famous ‌Orient Express for‌ an‍ experience like no other. ⁣Or how about travelling on the‌ awe inspiring Glacier ‌Express‌ in⁢ Switzerland, or winding your way across ⁢the‍ stunning vistas of Scotland‌ on ⁤the West⁢ Highland Line? Whether you’re looking to experience some⁤ of the⁣ world’s most​ awe-inspiring cities on ⁤the Northern ‌Lights ​Express, or take ​a journey through stunning countryside on the Sungari Golden Railway, there are plenty of⁢ incredible‌ train journeys ⁣to⁣ explore around the world.

Here are ⁤some of the best train journeys around the world:

  • Tren​ Crucero, Ecuador: An⁢ amazing luxury journey through ​Ecuador’s stunning countryside.
  • Bergen​ Railway, Norway: A ⁤scenic‍ rail journey through one of⁣ the world’s​ most stunning​ landscapes.
  • Czech Republic’s Cesky Krumlov Train: A beautiful journey through the historical and ⁣majestic city of Cesky ​Krumlov.
  • Tea Train, ‍Sri ‌Lanka: Experience⁢ the lush green forests ‌of Sri ‌Lanka on the famous⁢ Tea​ Train.
  • Prague-Vienna⁢ Express, Czech Republic ‌and Austria: ‌ Take a romantic trip on the famous Prague-Vienna​ Express.
  • Maharaja Express, India: ⁣ Take a⁣ luxurious ride on the magnificent Maharaja Express and explore India’s stunning and ‌vibrant ⁣culture.

These incredible train⁢ journeys will ⁤take⁣ you to⁢ some of the ⁣world’s most iconic landmarks and UNESCO wonders. From majestic cities and‍ stunning coastline​ to awe-inspiring countryside, these ​train journeys will⁣ offer an experience⁤ you​ won’t soon forget!⁣ So, grab your ticket and hop aboard any ‍one of these amazing programs for a truly unforgettable ​journey.

3. ‌Exploring Nature and the Outdoors

Train journeys offer ‍travellers an unparalleled opportunity​ to fully​ immerse themselves into the culture ⁢and ‍scenery of the places they traverse.⁢ From the iconic⁤ Rocky Mountaineer in Canada ​to India’s Darjeeling‌ Himalayan Railway, some of the world’s most distinctive railway‌ routes are making a huge⁢ comeback in popularity. Here is⁤ a guide to some of the most stunning ‍and scenic train routes in the ⁢world:

  • The Luxury Glacier Express: This alpine railway takes you through ‍a vast range of postcard landscapes,​ taking in the Swiss​ Alps, Davos, Rothorn and Andermatt. The seven-hour journey ⁢can ⁣be​ experienced ⁣in comfort​ in one of the‌ panoramic carriages of the deluxe Glacier⁢ Express.
  • The ⁤Orient Express: This world-renowned luxury train service offers ‌many ⁣routes from Paris to Istanbul,‌ covering ⁣over 2,000 miles. Along the way, you’ll witness fascinating historic locations ⁣and⁢ beautiful natural scenery,⁤ including​ the Alps and ​the‍ Mediterranean.
  • The ‌Rocky Mountaineer: This long-distance passenger train takes you ‍from the urban ‍bustle of Vancouver‌ to⁢ the majestic Canadian Rockies, with views of⁢ moss-covered valleys, salmon-filled‍ rivers, and ‍mountain vistas ‌all the way.
  • The ​Darjeeling Himalayan Railway: ⁣ This century-old narrow-gauge ‍railway line runs through India’s stunning hill country, ‍providing breathtaking⁢ views of the Himalayan mountain ranges. Along the route, passengers can take in lush tea ‌plantations and various ⁤quaint villages.
  • The Ghan: From Darwin to Adelaide, The Ghan passes through Australia’s harsh and ⁣varied landscapes.⁢ Highlights ⁣of‍ this journey include the MacDonnell Ranges, the red dunes⁢ of ​the Simpson Desert,⁤ and the golden woodlands of Katherine in the Northern⁢ Territory.
  • The Jacobite Steam Train: This historic train ⁤ride takes passengers ​through the Scottish‍ highlands, passing by Fort William and the deepest Loch ⁤in Scotland ⁣- Loch Nevis. The ‍route also​ takes you‍ near the Harry Potter train ‌bridge often featured in the ⁤films.

Whether you are looking ‌for a truly special journey or simply for⁢ a comfortable ⁤and ​convenient way to explore and ⁣discover new‍ places, these⁤ wonderful⁤ and iconic train rides⁢ will offer a life-changing experience. Hop aboard‍ today and explore the ⁤beauty of the world’s ‌most ​scenic train ​routes!

4.‌ Connecting ​Locals to‍ Tourists

Train journeys are a convenient⁤ way for ​travelers to take in amazing ‌views of each⁤ country’s landscape. We’ve​ put together a guide to the ‍world’s most scenic⁢ train‍ routes for locals and tourists alike. ⁢

  1. Canada’s Rocky‌ Mountaineer: One of the most scenic train journeys in the world, the Rocky Mountaineer offers spectacular views of ⁤the snow-capped Rocky ‍Mountains. Highlights ⁣of the route include the ⁢icefields of​ Glacier ​National Park, Mount Robson’s peak, and the Spiral Tunnels of Kicking Horse Pass.
  2. The Adirondack, USA: The Adirondack takes passengers from New York City to Montreal through⁣ magnificent‌ backcountry. Passengers can take in the⁤ beauty of ​the ⁢Hudson Valley‍ as well as the Adirondack mountain range.‌
  3. Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia: The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest ‍railway​ line ​in the world, stretching for over 6,000 miles. Passengers on ⁣this‌ route can ⁤admire⁤ picturesque views of the Mongolian steppes,⁣ Lake⁢ Baikal, and⁤ montane forests.
  4. Talyllyn⁤ Railway, Wales: The Talyllyn‍ Railway is one of Britain’s most scenic‍ railway‌ routes, weaving through gorgeous Welsh ⁣countryside. Picturesque views during the journey‌ include the ‍River Dysynni‍ and ⁤Dolgoch⁣ Falls.‍
  5. Maharajas’ Express, India: The Maharashtra Express provides riders with an unforgettable ⁣journey through India.⁣ Highlights ‌of the route include a visit ​to⁢ the ​Taj Mahal, a taste of ⁣cuisine from ‍local restaurants, and a ​safari tour of Ranthambore National ‌Park.
  6. Shimla Toy Train,​ India: The‍ Shimla Toy ⁤Train is a narrow-gauge railway route in ‌Northern India‌ that takes travelers from Kalka ‌to ​Shimla. Along the route, passengers can take in spectacular views of undulating Himalayan hills⁢ and ‍lush green​ meadows.
  7. Gulf Stream, USA: ‍The Gulf Stream is one of the most picturesque train journeys in North America.‌ Stretching from‍ Seattle to Los Angeles, the ​route⁢ offers passengers stunning views of the Pacific Northwest‌ coastline, ‌as well as the⁣ Santa ⁤Monica Mountains and its ‍canyons. ‌
  8. Glacier ‍Express, Switzerland: ‌The Glacier Express is one ​of the ​most renowned⁣ train routes in ⁢the world. Passengers‍ can ​take in the beauty of the ⁤Swiss Alps‌ as⁤ well as‍ the breathtaking vistas of the Matterhorn’s‍ peak.
  9. Grisons ⁢Traverse,⁣ Switzerland: The Grisons Traverse, or “Albula Line,” is a ⁣railway route that ​takes travelers through ⁤the Swiss Alps. Along the​ way, they can take in majestic views of U-shaped glacial valleys, snow-capped peaks, and waterfalls.

No matter your destination, there’s always something to appreciate and experience on a⁣ train journey. ​From the breathtaking natural beauty ‍of Canada to‌ the ⁣bustling cities and bright lights of India, train journeys provide passengers with ‍memories⁢ for a lifetime.

5. Choosing a Journey:⁤ Important Considerations

1. Duration and​ Number ⁣of Stops

When​ choosing your train journey, the ‍first thing to​ consider​ is​ the⁣ duration of your route ⁤and⁢ the number of⁣ stops it includes. Depending on your budget ‌and​ available time,⁢ long-distance train trips ‍may ⁣or may‍ not be‍ a good ⁢fit ⁤for you. Consider local‌ and express trains, too – these usually make fewer stops, so if you’re not particular about encountering the interesting sights in smaller towns, they may get you to your destination faster.

2. Timetables and ​Booking

Check the timetables of ⁣the routes you are considering to⁤ ensure ‍convenient departure and arrival times. ​Depending on the route, you may have ‍to book in advance or you may be​ able to‌ hop on the ⁢train⁣ on the‍ same day. In ⁣some cases, it is possible⁢ to book tickets online⁢ but checking with‌ the local service‍ is ⁤the best option if you are in doubt.⁤ If there are multiple​ routes, ‌look ⁢into the timings​ of each train and compare them before making⁤ your decision.

3. Amenities and⁢ Facilities ⁤Provided

Train travel comes with amenities and facilities that vary from one ⁣route to the next. Read up on⁣ each option carefully and⁢ consider⁤ the extra benefits ​that you may or may not deem essential. Are food and ‌drinks available? Will there be ‌an on-board entertainment system? ⁣Do some routes​ offer free Wi-Fi? ​Do the train carriages have wheelchair access?‌ Do they feature outlets for charging your devices?

4. Scenery and Locations Along the Way

Train trips⁢ are all about the scenery ⁤- the ⁢incredible views,⁢ the interesting sites, the chance ⁤to visit untouched locations. Make sure to assess what these routes‍ have to⁢ offer, during ⁣the ⁣day and ⁤the night. Check out‌ aerial photographs of the landscape to get an idea ‍of the opportunities for‍ photography and sightseeing along the way. If the route includes important sites, look into the stops you will make and the ‌approximate amount of time ⁢you can spend exploring each‌ of them.

5. Quality of the Journey​ and‌ Its Cost

Finally, consider the ⁣basic quality of your ‌trip. Once ⁤you have chosen your‌ route, you can look up reviews, ‌ratings and experiences of previous passengers for a better understanding of⁢ the journey ahead.⁤ Will the interior of the carriage​ make for a ‍comfortable journey? ‍If ‍you’re ⁢travelling with children, are there ​facilities for them too? ‍As for the cost, take the time to compare prices⁢ in ⁤order ⁤to get⁤ the ⁢best⁢ deal.

6. ⁣Experiencing Different ‌Cultures

Step⁣ aboard a train, and you open ‌your world to adventure!⁣ Train journeys offer ⁣unforgettable experiences, as they take you through awe-inspiring, unmissable scenic⁤ routes. Here are 6 of the world’s most remarkable train trips:

  • Glacier Express, Switzerland
    • This seven-and-a-half-hour​ journey offers passengers⁣ the unique‌ opportunity⁤ to traverse the breath-taking Swiss Alps. From the broad⁣ valleys⁣ of the Alps to the rugged glacial peaks of the Matterhorn, revel in‌ the ⁣beauty ‌of the snow-dusted mountains and deep blue lakes.
  • Trans-Siberian Railway, Russia
    • Traveling across Russia is ⁣a journey in ⁤itself – traveling⁢ 8600km from⁢ Moscow ‍to ⁣Vladivostok by the Trans-Siberian Railway will give ⁤you the real experience! Streams, steppes, ⁣towns and cities,⁣ with a stopover at​ Lake Baikal – this​ is the ultimate journey of discovery.
  • Hiram Bingham, Peru
    • Embark on ⁣an unforgettable journey ‌to the heart‍ of Machu Picchu,​ one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The Hiram Bingham train takes​ passengers from Cuzco, ‌to‍ the stunning Urubamba Valley, over gorges⁢ and around sharp⁢ curves – a‍ truly ‍unique experience.
  • Tangerines Train, Sri ​Lanka
    • Climb aboard this 57km route for ⁤an incredible view into Sri Lanka’s outdoors!‌ From market towns to riverside marshes, you’ll take in sights of picturesque rural villages, lush verdant ⁣hills, and ⁤iconic lines of coconut palms.
  • Orient ⁣Express, Europe
    • Step back in time to discover grandiose landscapes, cities ⁣and cultures of Europe on ⁢the iconic Orient ‍Express. Take in the​ opulence of the⁢ grand carriages, taste classic cuisine, and explore unique⁤ destinations like Monte Carlo, Venice and Istanbul on a journey​ of a⁣ lifetime.
  • Ghan, Sydney to Darwin
    • This epic journey takes passengers ​from Sydney to Darwin,⁤ in the heart of ‌Australia’s⁢ red centre. Enjoy ⁢breathtaking panoramic⁢ views as ‌you pass through​ the deserts, in the ​air-conditioned comfort‌ of ⁤the vintage railcars.

Whether ⁢you’re‌ looking for a‌ sweeping ‍mountain adventure or the tranquillity‍ of rural life, ‌these iconic train routes are perfect for ⁤your off-the-beaten-track vacation – the ⁣memories of ‍which will ‍stay with you forever!

  • The Glacier Express – Switzerland⁣ – Offering⁤ majestic​ views of Switzerland’s snow-capped mountains, valleys, thick forests, and countless waterfalls, the Glacier Express is one of the most beautiful train ‍journeys in the ⁢world. The ⁤train runs from Zermatt to St. Moritz and⁢ takes approximately 8⁤ hours.
  • The⁤ Danube Express – Europe⁢ –‍ Board the Danube Express and take a journey through stunning European landscapes. Across Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, ⁣and ‍Croatia, the 9-day‌ route will take ⁤you through⁢ breathtaking⁣ scenery of ‍vibrant cities, rolling vineyards, sweeping plains, ‌and ‍imposing mountain ranges.
  • The Royal Scotsman –‍ Scotland – ⁣It ⁤doesn’t get more luxurious than travelling ⁢through Scotland’s oldest railway in opulence. Along this⁢ two-day journey, travellers ⁤will⁣ be treated to exquisite delicacies,​ stunning 19th century carriages, and tasteful interiors. As the ⁣Royal Scotsman passes⁣ through the Highland Landscape, you’ll have some of the ⁣most stunning and unforgettable views you’ll ever ⁢witness.
  • The‌ Trans-Siberian Railway – Russia – ‌Traverse​ 6,500 miles ‌through ⁤Russia’s‌ ever-changing⁣ landscapes,⁤ see spectacular lakes, forests, and ⁢fields ​of wildflowers, as you meander through this almost week‌ long⁣ journey. The⁤ railway offers unmatched views of ‍Siberia, and also cuts through Lake‍ Baikal, the ‌world’s oldest lake.
  • The Devil’s Nose ⁤Train – Ecuador – Ride the Devil’s Nose Train in Ecuador and get ready to ​experience its ‍most cutting-edge feat ⁤of railway engineering. The⁣ Devil’s Nose​ train‍ is a set of switchbacks that climbs from the⁢ mountains down to​ the jungle at the coast. As⁣ you travel the ​curved‍ paths ⁣and deep ‌ravines, ⁤the⁢ views of⁤ the two ecosystems‌ will⁣ astound you.

Experience beautiful landscapes such as the​ Serra de Estrela mountain range while⁤ riding a slow cog railway in Portugal. ‍Stop⁤ in charming villages, explore the enchanting ⁤castles ‍and forts,‌ and stroll through old towns ⁤as the Douro valley slowly passes by.

The Grand Canyon Railway is ⁤your ticket⁢ to viewing one‍ of ⁣the world’s most iconic landscapes. ‍See the towering buttes, deserts, rivers, ⁢and plateaus, all while riding on an exquisite train. Step‌ back in⁢ time ‌and experience a bygone era that⁢ still captures ‍the‍ hearts of‌ many.

Discover the beautiful ruins of Angkor ‍Wat in Cambodia as you ⁢take the Bamboo Train. Travel through lush jungle landscapes, pass by⁢ tiny hamlets and ⁢rice paddies. Passengers⁣ can hop on and‌ off the train​ at any​ of the ⁤many ⁢stops during the 90-minute⁢ ride.

An amazing ​way to get from Tokyo to Kyoto is by ‌shinkansen, or high-speed bullet train.‌ Offering breathtaking views ⁢of Fujiyama ‌and vast‌ countryside, ​the shinkansen allows tourists to get ⁣from one destination to another in maximum comfort and ⁢speed.

8. Sustainable Travel for a Better Planet

1. The Glacier Express: Switzerland

Experience some of Switzerland’s⁢ most breathtaking views ⁤on the Glacier Express from Zermatt ‍to St. Moritz: a journey⁤ that blankets 291⁣ kilometers of ⁢tracks, alpine forests, rolling hills, and snow-capped mountains.⁤ Luxuriate ​in the signature bright red trains, equipped with comfortable panoramic‌ windows, and recline closer to the ⁣Swiss ⁢countryside as you traverse⁣ the UNESCO-listed Albula​ and Bernina lines.

2.‌ The Glaskogen ⁢Railway: Sweden

Spanning the‌ northern reaches of Sweden, the ‍Glaskogen⁢ Railway ​offers a spectacular mix‌ of nature and modern Scandinavian architecture. Connected⁢ by a total of 36 bridges, the 75-kilometer⁢ route⁤ goes over⁣ the ‌picturesque Rosa ​Pipe​ River through ⁤Glaskogen Nature Reserve – a paradise of ⁢walking trails, huts, gorges, and lakes.

3. The Copper⁤ Canyon: Mexico

Take the⁢ 186-mile​ train ride ⁣from ​Los ⁣Mochis to ⁤Chihuahua, Mexico, and explore one of the most spectacular canyons in the world.⁤ As you wind through ⁤the rugged terrain, feast your eyes ‌on​ the lush pine forests, small villages, and an endless spread of⁢ copper and⁣ pink-tinged canyons⁤ that ⁤surround you. ⁤

4. The White Pass & Yukon Route: ⁢Canada

If you’re ‍in search of ‌old-school,⁢ grand-scale railway journeys,⁢ the White Pass & ⁣Yukon⁢ Route is ‍not ​to ​be missed. Step inside the restored⁢ trams from 1898 ⁢and‌ ride across the⁤ immense Canadian Coast Mountains, ⁢leaping from the highest⁣ mountain summit, and facing ⁢a 178-foot cascade off the bridge of Tormented Valley. ⁣

5. The Maeklong‍ Railway Market: Thailand

Take the⁣ Maeklong Railway in ​southern​ Thailand ​and be⁢ dazzled at the curtain ⁢of ⁣colorful umbrellas, vendors, ​and market stalls that appear and retract at⁢ the approach ‌of the train. Eight ‌times a day, the railway snakes its way‍ for a few seconds into ​the ‌vibrant⁢ local produce market, where you can observe and admire the unique ⁢blend of commerce and engineering.​

6.⁢ The Northern Explorer:⁣ New ‍Zealand

Immerse yourself in some of New Zealand’s most exquisite scenery on the Northern Explorer train ⁣from Auckland to Wellington. Snaking ⁤along the glittering⁢ coast, encapsulating the rolling ‍fields like⁢ a⁣ ribbon, and connecting volcanoes and⁢ rolling hills, the 1250-kilometer journey is⁢ worth ​the lifetime of ⁣memories. ⁢

7. The Trans-Siberian ⁢Railway: Russia

Embark on the epic Trans-Siberian Railway from ‌Moscow ⁤to Vladivostok and be awe-struck by its grandeur, magnificence, and scale. Tracing‍ a total⁣ of 9000 kilometers with ​16 ⁤stops along the route, this is no⁤ ordinary railway. Instead, it’s a border-straddling ⁣epic, blurring the lines ⁤between⁢ Russia and ⁢other ‌former Soviet states, ⁢and exposing ⁢you to ancient ‌cities, exotic ‌cultures, and incredible landscapes.

8. ‍The ​Rovos Rail: South Africa

Experience a combination of old-world ​romance, natural splendor, and opulent luxury on the romantic‌ train route from Pretoria to Cape Town. Travel alongside the elephants,⁣ rhinos, and antelopes ‌of South Africa for almost ⁣two days while you recline in⁢ first-class comfort, recline, enjoy upscale cuisine, and drink spectacular wines. So, if you’re looking for an exciting train‌ journey that you won’t soon⁣ forget, you have plenty of⁤ options, from the Sapsan Line in Russia‌ to the Silverton ⁣Narrow Gauge Railroad‍ in⁣ the US.⁤ Start ⁣planning ⁣your ⁢trip today and get ‍ready to experience an adventure⁤ of a lifetime. ⁤

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