NVIDIA ShadowPlay – Capture, Share, and Remember

Vivian Michel
Written by Vivian Michel

NVIDIA ShadowPlay is one of the latest innovations in recording technology. It allows you to capture game footage and screenshots in high quality and save them to your hard drive or stream them live over YouTube or Twitch with just one click. As long as you have an NVIDIA graphics card and are running Windows 7, 8, or 10, you can use NVIDIA ShadowPlay on your PC today! Here’s what you need to know about this exciting new technology.



When sharing your greatest gaming moments with friends, there’s no better tool than NVIDIA® GeForce ExperienceTM. One feature that many players have come to rely on is NVIDIA ShadowPlayTM. This revolutionary gameplay recording tool continually records your most epic battles in high-definition (up to 1080p) up to 20 minutes long. And if you’re worried about preserving precious bandwidth while streaming or broadcasting, don’t be: Using a new feature called Twitch Optimization Mode, GeForce Experience users can stream or broadcast from any application without slowing down their game.

Features of NVIDIA ShadowPlay

Video editing/streaming: NVIDIA ShadowPlay has an in-game video editor that allows you to customize your highlights, add voice commentary, and upload your gameplay for sharing with friends. The plugin also allows you to stream directly to Twitch or YouTube Gaming. You can use it along with NVENC or CUDA encoders for lower latency streaming at 1080p. It’s fully compatible with GameStream, so you can record your games from a GTX PC on your home network to your SHIELD device when gaming. An external webcam can be connected to a face cam during streaming sessions.


How to Use NVIDIA ShadowPlay

The NVIDIA GeForce Experience desktop application lets you quickly and easily capture gameplay footage with NVIDIA ShadowPlayTM. You can also live stream your gameplay directly to popular streaming platforms like Twitch. Here’s how it works: After installing GeForce Experience (GFE), you will be presented with a dashboard; select ShadowPlay to get started. On-screen notifications will be displayed when recording is enabled or disabled (it is on by default). To record an optimal video file, you should play your game at an average speed without significant frame drops or lag. The recording will automatically stop once your allocated buffer runs out of space or when you close GFE.

Setting Up Your Camera

The process of recording your gameplay is straightforward. First, you’ll need to install NVIDIA’s free GeForce Experience app on your computer. From there, you can toggle between on-screen video settings by pressing Alt+Z. You’ll want to slide over to My Video Settings and choose ShadowPlay. From here, you can enable a bevy of different locations: Quality (choose a preset or pick your own), Record Audio (select from options or disable it), Region & Language (choose your region/language), Web Uploads (send clips directly to YouTube or Google Drive), and much more.

Sharing Your Best Moments in Full HD

NVIDIA GeForce ExperienceTM lets you record gameplay with a simple click of your SHIFT key or GameStream live to Twitch. Assemble video highlights right in GeForce Experience; edit them with an array of built-in tools, then share them instantly on Facebook or YouTube. With NVIDIA ShadowPlayTM, you can even broadcast and share your gameplay as it happens via our Twitch plugin. And best of all: GeForce Experience is completely free.

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